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Have you ever wished to get skilled in a particular field? Or you have wondered how cool it would be to learn a skill? No need to wonder any longer, as Neev Sabhyata is your number one online training centre in Kolkata. At Neev Sabhyata, we ensure our clients get the best online training, free of cost, using high standard equipment and also having access to a wide range of standard training materials. There is no need to wait, contact us today through our booking form to get started.

Professional Trainers and A Conducive Environment

We ensure each of our trainers are seasoned and well grounded in their field. We not only have professional trainers, but we also provide a very conducive online learning environment because we understand that people learn faster in calm and comfortable spaces. Our online training centre strives to give you the privacy you need and also provides access to one-on-one tutoring from a designated trainer.

How We Can Help You

Rest assured, we have what it takes to help your business and organisations grow and achieve more. Our staff are trained professionals in their various fields, with the expert knowledge to train others. Beyond top online training for you or your staff, we also provide mentoring and support services for every student who has gone through our training. This has clearly set us apart from all our competitors who offer the same service.


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Avishek Hui

03 June 2020

03 June


Arijit Roy

28 March 2020

28 March


No Doubt, THE BEST Place to work! I really appreciate and thank you so much for all of the opportunities this company has provided me which has not only helped ...
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